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How the platform works uphash?

Our online platform is a mix of publicity and privacy. Publicity consists in complete transparency, predictability and automation of the work of our company, when the human factor is practically excluded.

Privacy provides complete anonymity for our clients and partners, unless they themselves want to reveal themselves or any data. We also understand privacy as the ability of our partners to decide for themselves when and how to invest, when and how to withdraw their honestly earned money. To do this, we have created online accounts for each client and 24/7 support.

How to make money with us?
Registration on the platform
Selection of an investment package.
You choose the term and amount of the investment
Choosing a method of depositing and withdrawing funds
Diversification of investments through different packages that can be opened at the same time
Calculation of your own profit and financial planning
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Our share in the company
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Benefits of working with uphash
High interest rate on investment deposits
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Flexible system of deposit and withdrawal of funds
A talented team of experienced professionals
Automated management of your own finances
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Questions and answers

How to start making money?

In order to start working with Avalon, you should go through a simple registration procedure on our website. Next, you need to make your first deposit by selecting the appropriate section in your personal account, after which all investment work will be carried out by our company, and you, in turn, will receive daily income from this.

What is the minimum and maximum deposit amount?

Minimum deposit – 5 $

Maximum deposit amount – 1 000 000 $

What are the risks?

Investment risks are always present. But the point is that this risk is not just justified, but that it is minimized. This is what we are aiming for, our business model. The risk minimization strategy provides for several components at once:

First – it is a team of analysts who is responsible for the project and constantly works with risks of different levels, both short-term and long-term;

Second – we have a separate investment strategy (5 criteria), which also provides for the minimization of risks in this direction;

The third – diversification in work, first of all - investments. We keep a clear balance between short-term investments, which should bring profit in the short term, and long-term investments, which serve as a basis for stability and strategic development for us. Simply put, if we have any financial difficulties with one startup, then we will be able to compensate for this with profit from others..

Fourth – project uphash based on personal investments of its owners, who are also the founders of the company. These funds represent 100% of Avalon's initial investment in startups, and according to the company documents, the percentage of owners in operating investment activities should never be less than 51% of the total investment that the company can attract. Thus, the founders of our company are not only guarantors of its activities, but also ensure the stability of payments for investors, guaranteeing their investments with their own.

Fifth – we are constantly negotiating not only with new startups, but also with investment and venture funds, start-up incubators and large companies that have an interest in IT in order to attract them to cooperation, including at the level of financial support - credit, investment, and an IPO is possible in the future.

All this is also reflected in our business model and daily work, so follow the project and become our investor to see for yourself how everything works..
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